Putting In An Extreme High-Tech Piece of Audio Equipment Is The Easy Part

The other day, I was walking through a parking lot and a young man had his hood open and jumper cables attached to his car battery. He asked for a jump, unfortunately, I didn’t have my truck with me, just a little sports car and I doubt that would suffice, nor did I much want to risk damaging my own electrical system, you know everything these days is high-tech, and costly to fix, you need a computer and it’s not like the old days when you could do everything yourself without a master mechanics certificate for each make and model.

Okay so, let’s talk because I felt bad for the chap. You see the young man told me he had to go pick up his girlfriend and he was already late. I told him there is a slight slope to this parking lot, let’s just push it out of the stall and face it that-a-way. He said it was an automatic – bummer I thought, well that’s what you get I guess. The kid had a few tattoos and I realized that the chances of him flagging down anyone were not in his favor. So, I began talking with him thinking as soon as someone came by, I’d approach them myself and he’d thus, have a way better chance to get a jump.

As I was discussing with him what had happened he told me of his new stereo system. Unfortunately, he didn’t upgrade his alternator, or put in another batteries and it was over taxing his system. This is the fourth time he’d been stuck, and I wondered if assisting him would help him learn his lesson. What might that be you ask? Well, let me explain.

The reality is that far prior to the installation the installer must consider the size of the alternator, and draw down requirements of the system to run, along with what other systems in the vehicle will need to run at optimum. Merely, paying a friend to help you install a new car audio system isn’t enough, especially if they don’t have any experience, trial by fire, or actual automotive electrical knowledge. Further, these late model cars are designed the way they are for a reason, they are engineered for optimum and not for over-the-top high-end mega-wattage sound systems. See that point.

Yes, we did find someone with a big Ford Dually, and he jumped it without a problem, and yet, I wonder if my lecture to the kid sunk in. If not, he’ll be stranded again and his girlfriend will dump him? Hell, I wonder if she’s good looking, either way she definitely needs an upgrade in boyfriends if you think about it.

The Benefits of a Car DVR

Our cars are some of the biggest purchases we make throughout our lives. The only things that we pay more for than our cars are our homes and property holdings. We generally trade in or buy new vehicles more frequently than we buy new homes and property so the amount we spend on our vehicles often ends up being about the same as what we spend on our other large purchases. This is why the car DVR was invented and so many people are installing them.

The car DVR system allows you to have a recording of anyone that breaks into or vandalizes your property. Millions of cars are vandalized each year. Some of these vehicles are parked in the driveways of their owners while others are parked in secure parking garages. The vandalism does not just occur in the seedy parts of town where cars are parked on the edges of streets that are poorly lit.

Many thieves love to break into automobiles and steal the stereo equipment that is in them. We spend large amounts of time in our vehicles and many people spend large amounts of money putting stereo equipment in their vehicles that is very expensive. They want to be able to enjoy their music, but thieves love to steal these items and sell them on the black market. The car DVR can prove who stole your stereo equipment and can stop them from stealing from anyone else in the future.

The car DVR can also stop thieves from stealing your automobile for the seats that are in it, or the video equipment that is in it. There are thieves that strip cars to sell the parts to parts suppliers who then sell them to people who need the item to repair their cars. This is big money in some areas and there are some automobiles that are worth more as parts than they were worth as a whole.

If you have to leave your vehicle at train stations, bus stations, and airports while you are away on business then these systems can allow you to leave them with the peace of mind that should anything happen to them you will be able to identify the perpetrator and get your items replaced through your insurance company. You may also get a reduced insurance rate because you install this type of security system. A car DVR can afford you peace of mind when you have to leave your car in a parking garage or parking lot for long periods.

Car Stereo: Things to Think of Before Buying

Mostly who were born in 1970-80 has seen cars fitted with audio systems. Car audio was commercially introduced in the year 1930s, where you can find cars with fitted stereo system in the form of a radio. It was introduced by Galvin Manufacturing Corporation for the first time.

Earlier these systems were not that advanced and were expensive too and you can only find these car stereo systems fitted in most popular automobiles. But now the technology has taken a big leap, we have systems which are advance and are packed with different features and functionalities. However, the default system come with car are not that advance. So, it’s better to install a system is your car from the brands which offers you great quality car audio systems.

To have a great sound system, first you need better quality of speakers. Addition to it, you also need a sub-woofer. Sub-woofer mainly helps in increasing the frequency of sound and for loud bass. So if you want better sound effects and quality, you need a sub-woofer importantly. It is mainly installed in underneath your seats or the trunk of your car. If you have a hatch-back or a truck, woofer will be installed in the trunk; for rest all type of car installation is under the seats.

After installing the quality speakers, second most important component is amplifier or the system. An amplifier decides whether the system works smoothly or not i.e. an amplifier mainly amplifies the whole system for a smooth and even performance. These days many systems available in the market from ordinary CD changers to Bluetooth connectors and others like DVD players and big LCD screens etc. Furthermore there are systems available with USB-ports to play your piece of music directly from a pen-drive or smartphones. However, with advancement of systems with all these particular features also increases the price slab of it. So, if you are person who just listen music while driving back home from work and visa-versa spending money on these highly advance system doesn’t make a point instead you can spend on a quality stereo which deliver all basic necessity like radio (AM/FM), CD changer etc. and which do not make any big holes in your pocket.

You can get these components easily in the market but its better if you can buy these devices online. Over there, you can easily compare different products with their specifications and price tag. Customer reviews mostly helps in making the decision before buying these and sometimes online shopping sites give great discounts and offers on the combo-offers on speakers and system. So what you are waiting for, go and get that boom-box for your car and enjoy great music whenever you hit the road.

Tips For A Better Car Audio System

The audio system is one of the most important entertainment parts of a car, but is one that doesn’t affect the proper functioning of the car. Some drivers wouldn’t imagine a ride, a way to work, home or going on a trip without music.

Most of the cars come from the factory with a medium class audio system. If you have a top class car from a famous brand, things are much better and it’s not necessary to upgrade your original system.

There are a lot of ways to improve the audio system. Most of them consist in changing one or more components of the system. You can replace the receiver, the speakers and the amplifier (if your car has one, if it hasn’t you should buy one to improve the audio system).

To change or improve the audio system you must know the exact amount of money you can spend (including the unexpected costs) and what you want from the car audio system after you’ve made the changes or upgrades.

If you want to change the receiver, you must choose one with a lot of features which today are important, like Bluetooth, hands free, applications for Apple, Blackberry or others, maybe a touchscreen for simple use.

When it comes to speakers, most of the factory speakers are made from some materials that aren’t so well designed in terms of quality so they will not resist in time. You should take a look at some systems which have components made from Kevlar, rubber or polymer (polypropylene). For example the speakers which are made from rubber have excellent quality and a long life and those that are made from foam cost less, offer a normal quality but they haven’t got a long life.

The speakers that are made from good components can cost a few hundred dollars, but the investment will deserve the money.

Sound damping materials like Dynamat can absorb vibrations and music isn’t going to be heard from outside the car. When you are on a highway or in a very noisy place you will not have to increase the volume to hear the music or the radio, therefore the quality of the speakers is indirectly improved.

The amplifier, its name says almost everything. It’s the component which amplifies the power of the entire audio system. Some cars come with an amplifier, but it’s small and the emitted power is probably not enough, so you can install a bigger one in your car. You should consider purchasing one with MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor) and it should have more channels because in each one you will plug a component of the car audio system that you want to be amplified.

If you plan to add a subwoofer in your car’s audio system, first make sure that you have enough space in the trunk and after you install it there should be enough space left for things you want to transport. The woofers are the same as the speakers but they produce a different type of sound. You should choose a good quality woofer made from advanced materials, those listed at speakers.

After you’ve made the necessary upgrades or changes to your audio system, you should go on ahead to change the car battery to a more powerful one, since the new system will most likely consume more power. You also need to make sure that all the components have been properly installed so you won’t run into any unexpected “surprises”.

If you want to enjoy a good quality sound and exploit the new car audio system you need to make some settings, according to the type of music you listen to.

Review of Car Stereo Entertainment

Nowadays, car entertainment systems have become very sophisticated. They provide convenience, entertainment, safety, and navigation. Some systems are even upgradable to match the owner’s requirements. Even factory entertainment systems that compete with the market is more advanced and packed with features.

Here are some of the entertainment features:

Mobile Movie Theater

You can now watch your favorite movie or concert while you are stuck in traffic. Why wait home if you can do it inside your car? This is also one way to make your kids entertained on long trips with video games or movies. You would not know it if you look at the dashboard, but pushing the button will pop-up the screen and you have a movie theater with a complete surround sound.

Can Play Video and Audio Simultaneously

Most entertainment systems provide dual-zone operation so that the people in front can watch movies while those at the back can play games. Many systems also provide headphone jacks in the rear seat to avoid the interference between different programs.

Multi-Disc Changers

You do not have to bother about storing your CDs and DVDs inside your car. Just load them all to your car’s multi-disk changer and play them. Examples of multi-disk changers are Alpine, Kenwood, and Pioneer.

Here are some of the safety and convenience features:

USB Ports

It was just some years ago that USB became the standard way of computer connections, now the front panel of most cars have USB connections. With USB technologies, you can play your favorite music stored in your flash drive, or hook up you iPod, check its contents on the front screen and play them.

Rear View Safety Cameras

These are commonly used in recreation vehicles. Many vehicles have rear view cameras that provide the driver a clear sight while backing up. Many lives have been saved because of these safety cameras and many skateboards and bikes have been spared from being run over.

Hands-Free Cellphones Adaptors

Many states exercise a law that restricts the use of cellphone while driving. But with the Bluetooth technology, you can now connect your phone via USB port and the phone can be control through the front panel. You can also answer the phone by touching the button on the front panel. When your phone rings, the audio system will turn into silent mode.

These are just some of the advanced features of car entertainment nowadays. If you continue to research more, you will find out that there are hundreds of features. In case you are planning to upgrade your car’s entertainment system, you can find many options in the internet.

Douglas Murray is an expert when it comes to building stereo systems in cars. He actually owns a little shop in New York. He also provides reviews on double din car stereo reviews at doubledinreview dot com.


How to Get the Sexiest Car Speakers

Are you looking to do something new with your car? Perhaps you just want to revamp your boring old sound system. If you are doing anything to the audio system of your car then you will want to get sexy car speakers. Now you may be wondering why you should do this and whether it will be within your price range. It is good to know about these things before you commit to anything.

What makes you want to get sexy car speakers?

The first question you may be asking is why you would want to have sexy car speakers. There are a lot of reasons why you would want them from looking to impress your friends to wanting to simply pimp your ride. Of course even if you simply do this to impress other people you will want to get speakers that you like and that you think are sexy.

What is it that makes car audio speakers sexy?

The first thing you need to look at is what makes car audio speakers sexy. Many people think that this is all down to personal preference. For one person sexy speakers could be the ones with the best sound. For another it could be what the speakers look like. Other people will connect sexy speakers to the price. It is really up to you but you may want to find something that has a little bit of everything.

What are some of the sexiest car speakers?

If you decide to buy sexy car speakers you will find that there are a lot of different types on the market. So which are the best? There are a few types that most people believe are the better sexy speakers. Some of these will include RD, Rainbow, Hertz and Focal. All of these speakers offer different aspects that are thought to be sexy. Most people believe that these speakers offer the best sound while still having aesthetic appeal.

How to make sexy Sony speakers affordable

The major problem that you may now be wondering about is how to make these speakers affordable to you. This is particularly important for speakers that have appeal because of the price. The best thing for you to do will be to browse. Do not buy from the first store you see selling the Sony speakers you want. Look at auto parts stores and at online stores. There are many stores online that offer specials on these speakers. You can also often get other car accessories along with the speakers when buying online.

Sexy car speakers are looked at by a lot of different people. You may want to invest in them in order to impress someone or to just add a little something to your car. However, a problem that many people have is the price of these speakers. There are many ways that these items can be affordable to you. The easiest way is to browse different stores before you buy.

How to Make Your Car Entertainment System Perfect

The car entertainment system is used to develop the same sort of effects as is created by home theater systems in the living room. One among so many is the Overhead flip down car entertainment system available with in-built DVD and a roof top LCD monitor. These systems are also vehicle specific entertainment systems.

This system consists of a receiver, car speakers, amplifier, DVD player and television. So it is a challenging task to get everything in place and fit into vehicle. These days’ car entertainment components can be easily installed by an expert professional guide.

The installation setup of a car’s sound system greatly affects the overall sound quality. There is a huge variety of car audio systems already being launched in market depending upon the latest car models. However its basic set up has remained steady throughout these years.

The car audio system consists of basic units such as amplifier which feeds power to the subwoofers which in turn drive efficiently. Subwoofers which are with speakers or are in the car or home always add their effects and do make a difference.

These subwoofers change sound production in the stereo system. Enclosures are used to get maximum bass production and excellent sound quality from subwoofers. These are meant to produce low-end frequency tone crucial for any bass-driven music. Both amplifier and subwoofer should be of same power rating and output so it’s important to bring them together.

Car Entertainment System consists of the following set up:

Subwoofers: Installed in the cars is the desire of lot many people. Actually its installation costs a lot of money. At many places its installation charges are more than its actual cost.

Car Receivers: The cars receiver needs an up gradation if it owns an older version and the CD players compatibility also needs to be checked in for other devices e.g. iPod or MP3.There is also need of high quality speakers for car as its adds good acoustics to the movie and music one watches.

Car Amplifiers: The amplifier needs to be installed to help the car entertainment system deliver its best. Car Amplifiers boost the signal from receiver which helps speakers to function at full capacity.

LCD TV: Add either a headrest or flipdown LCD TV depending upon the car model and the owners choice. Headrest LCD is installed into the headrest of driver whereas the flip down one is mounted on the car’s interior roof.

DVD Player: The DVD player should be mounted under the seat which can easily take care of the bumps and the disturbances while driving.

To sum up this is an endeavor to explain the installation and requirements of the car audio system in brief. It might clear up readers basic doubts while trying to use it for the first time.

How You Can Help Your New Stereo Fit In

Aftermarket car stereos are built to a standard. While this means they will fit almost any type of car, it also means they’re not designed to match the style of any discrete brand. Fascia adaptors are plastic, clip-on frames which blend your new stereo into the pre-existing design of your car.

Lots of people want the best stereo for their car. Whether you’re after top sound quality, if you want to be able to listen to digital radio on the go, get better reception or an integrated LCD screen, it can be an exciting purchase. But there’s a problem a lot of people don’t consider until they come to fit the stereo; it doesn’t look right. To fit your new stereo you’ve had to take off the fascia that surrounded the old one, and now it won’t fit back on again. A fascia adaptor can help. They’re available in both single and double DIN sizes and will help blend your new car stereo into your old car design.

“DIN” is short for “Deutsche Industrie Norm” and is, as the name suggests, the standard measurement for all aftermarket car stereo units sold in the UK. A DIN is 2 1/8 inches tall and 7 /18 inches wide – the depth is dependent on the design. A double DIN radio is twice the size and is generally the dimension used by the more showy car stereos boasting LCD screens, SatNavs, DVD screens and the like.

If your old car radio is a standard DIN or double DIN size, then fitting your new one shouldn’t require anything more. If, however, it isn’t – as is the case with most retail cars – then you will be needing a DIN adaptor kit/double DIN kit. These aren’t complicated; they fill in the empty socket left by removing your old car stereo, leaving a socket into which your new DIN or double DIN aftermarket stereo can be fitted. And there you have it. Your DIN/double DIN kit has left you with a spanking new stereo complete with LCD screen, iPod socket and everything else you could possibly want to blast out your Basement Jaxx on the Monday morning commute.

Only, it looks a bit odd. A bit sticky-outy, if you know what I mean. It doesn’t sit well with the rest of dashboard. You might have better sound, but you’ve cheapened the appearance of the rest of the car.

This shouldn’t be too much of a shock. Your new car head unit wasn’t designed to fit in specifically with your make and model of car. It was designed to fit equally well into a Seat Ibiza, a Citreon C4 or a Renault Megane. You need a fascia adaptor. Each is simply a plastic frame designed to fit around the outside of the new head unit, blending it into the surrounding design of the dashboard. The genius of the piece is its simplicity. It doesn’t obscure the display or controls of the stereo, but it does make it look smart. DIN and double DIN fitting kits allow you to fit an aftermarket car stereo without radically altering the appearance of your car’s dashboard. Fascia adaptors are available for a wide range of major car brands, including Seat, Kia, Ford, Jaguar and Volkswagen.

Depending on the make and model of your car, you may need a “cage” to hold your stereo and fascia in place. If this is the case, ensure that your fascia adaptor comes with the cage, as it could otherwise prove a headache to find a matching one. Quality suppliers of car stereo paraphernalia should offer this combination as standard where it is appropriate.

Tips on How to Set Up a Car Stereo Head Unit

Installing a double din device into numerous vehicles may seem like an extremely hard task. Roadsters, for example, lack an extra place to include stereo equipment like LED monitors. Making use of the available space of your dash is an excellent answer that efficiently utilizes the area you’ve got and provides a customized flare for your unique ride. Continue reading to understand how you can set up a car stereo head device in your car.

Open up your dash from beneath to check out any kind of cables, cross members or even supports, which may be in the way. Relocate any kind of things that you don’t need to cut whilst opening the outlet in the dash to put your brand-new stereo head device or LCD monitor.

Protect the area you are going to open by using a masking tape and also take notice of the side of the airbag construction. Make use of a marker to make a rough contour of the cut you will be creating through tracing the interior side of the frame.

Make use of a razor blade to start cutting out your dash. It would appear in layers and may even call for short saws–all to remove through the last part of dash. Make use of the razor knife to smooth and straighten up the sides properly to be sure that the opening does not get too large.

Make sure that your cabling is for enough time to get to the brand new device with no twisting or crimping badly.

Secure the installation crate to the ends of the hole and place the car stereo device into position right after making all the necessary connections. Tighten up any loose mounting bolts on the mount and try out the device to make sure that all of cable connections work.

Batten the frame into position and clean the dash. You are now all set to use a brand new system that appears as excellent as it appears.

Additional Information:

If you want to buy a double din car stereo, you should always check the product review of the unit you are intending to buy. This is to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment. One website that I could recommend is the Amazon. It has a Customer Reviews section that you can browse. This section is unbiased since the reviews are from the customers. Have fun!

How to Choose a Twin-Screen Portable DVD Player

The portable DVD players have been on the market for quite some years and are already being included as a standard feature in many vehicles. They are excellent for keeping kids or adult passenger entertained since they allow them to play back various types of multimedia files such as music, movies, and pictures. Most of them also come with universal mounting systems, which allow them to be used in almost every model car, no matter how big or small; in most cases, they are attached to the front seats’ headrests with either straps or special brackets, and are very easy to mount and remove. Since there is a wide variety of make and models out there, choosing one requires careful consideration.

Before purchasing an in-car DVD players, take into account:

  1. The supported multimedia files. While all potable DVD players will obviously support the DVD file format, some of the latest are capable of playing back DivX and other extensions, which are quite popular today. If you plan to listen to music, then selecting a model that plays MP3 files comes highly recommended.
  2. The screen size – naturally, larger screen is preferable as it would deliver better viewing experience, but larger screen also means bulkier unit, so you need to consider that as well.
  3. Power options – while some portable DVD players could be powered by batteries, others cannot, which makes them usable only inside the car or in the house, if they come with AC adapters. If the player comes with batteries, find out what the battery life is, especially if you have no other option to power it.
  4. Audio and picture quality – the latest in-car DVD players offer outstanding picture quality, but at times, the audio is not clear or loud enough. If at all possible, test the sound quality before purchasing the unit or get online and read a number of user reviews in order to learn more.
  5. Wiring – you do not want to deal with messy wiring since this could present hazards, especially if you have kids, and also makes setting up and removing the player more difficult.
  6. The accessories that come with the portable DVD player are also important. Remote control is vital if your kids cannot operate the unit on their own and so are the various chargers and cables, which would extend the player’s functionality. Good cases would also help protect the screens, and help you carry the player easily.